"I would have no hesitation in recommending Martyn to any business or individual that requires a high quality film at a very reasonable price." - Tony Maddison MBS Workplace Environments

I can bring an affordable 'script to screen' film service for businesses.

Oscar Nominees, Actors Showreels
Award winning photographers
Office Equipment Suppliers
Life Coaches & Therapists

A familiarity with company dynamics as well as working on both sides of the camera means I can offer the ideal film package especially for small to medium local businesses in the South East. My aim is to get your strengths across to an audience/buyer/potential customer in a well-produced simply stated film.
Watch the examples here for an idea of what can be achieved and if you would like to know more get in touch.
Example 1 - MyNews Magazine
See how it looks on their site here:  MyNews Magazine Website 
Research shows that in todays fast-moving digital social networking world film is the area of primary growth and gives you a better chance of engaging people. These viewers spend longer at sites connect to the product/service more. Also in an increasingly competitive market the USP is often YOU, and you just won't get that across in words or a hastily made video phone clip. You have a short time to make the first impression and after spending so much on your brochures, marketing, advertising and website why not use the most powerful medium to connect with a quality film? 
Don't take my word for it, I could come up with lots of statistics but I encourage people to research the facts, costs and benefits of having a business film. Many business films start at £1000's+. The reason I started doing this was that I had business and film experience and knew that I could supply a quality film for less if it was carefully prepared.
The best demonstration is by example so please feel free to view the results here. Typically these took 7-10 days from camera rolling to website upload.
I work within your budget to achieve the best for you and never try to sell something you do not need. It is my name on the end credits after all!
Example 2 - MBS Workplace environments
"Martyn has produced a great film for our company. When we started the process we had no real idea what to expect, but after a few meetings Martyn had some ideas as to how to try and make a film about office furniture interesting and fun.

Throughout the whole experience Martyn was extremely professional and we have been blown away with the quality of the film that he has produced.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Martyn to any business or individual that requires a high quality film at a very reasonable price."

Tony Maddison
MBS Workplace Environments
Immediate impact. With a short film you can have all your primary objectives as a business presented to a buyer/web surfer and show them just how great you are! Don't rely on them to find that special commerce award on page 5!
Social Media. Social and B2B communication is changing FAST. When you have a 'showreel' you can load it onto media sites, include in e-mail links, presentation packs the advantages are endless.
Affordable. People are cutting back in a recession however you will be working with a creative film maker with a record of achieving savings for industry and film projects. You would be amazed what can be achieved for the same price as a few regular advertisements.(And you get to use this endlessly)
Win-Win. I am not seeking to 'sell' a product to clients and move on, I am interested in offering a mutually beneficial service that will enhance your potential sales, look great and build trust. After all, it's my name on the end credits!